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It is a very prudent consideration to judge whether a superior leader can be used and followed by his own time and energy. He is not only about the future of his life, but more importantly, about his life's growth and progress.
What kind of leadership is worth following?
1. Leadership that can provide guidance and help development when needed
Although leaders are subordinate to subordinates, they have no support and cooperation from subordinates. No matter how good leaders are, they cannot manage their own departments independently. The Department, staff is an important part, but the staff is not equal to "parts", too concerned about performance, while ignoring the feelings of employees and the leadership of occupation development, the prestige of the team will be reduced, it is bound to cause the loss of personnel work and the Department increased labor costs, the decline in performance. Adverse consequences. By helping subordinates' personal development to achieve departmental growth, leaders will not only win the support of their subordinates, but also accelerate the development of departments.
Two. A leader with a clear goal of action
Such leadership will not force employees to impossible to complete the task within the time, not every two or three days emerge a new direction, let you "demolished the east wall buxiqiang". He is very clear about what way the subordinates can achieve the goal by the fastest and the most cost saving, and at the right time, give them attention and support. The macro thinking leadership is very comprehensive, action is also very strong, and this approach will give subordinate people confidence and spiritual encouragement, let the staff yuezhanyueyong".
Three, the leader who dares to give the employees the opportunity to make mistakes
Such a leader does not rely on experience to judge the ability of subordinates, but by exploring the potential of employees and dares to give employees, especially new employees, the opportunity to try and grow, so as to cultivate their working ability in practice. This is a very rare favorable condition for the junior college students or the lower level of work experience. In such a leader's work, even if there is a mistake in the work process, the leader will carefully analyze the problem, then point out the right direction, so that the new employee will grow up quickly. Dare to make mistakes for subordinates. In other words, they are willing to take responsibility for the erroneous subordinates, dare to take part in them, and be willing to take part in them. Subordinates will also work harder and harder for departments.
Four, a leader with good habits and hobbies
People who love life can love their own units and subordinates. Leaders who have good habits and hobbies can not only know their stress and emotions while they are working, but also usually will not force their subordinates into working machines. This kind of leader has a degree of relaxation in the handover of work and life. Therefore, EQ is generally relatively high, and it will not be unprovoked, so that subordinates are often in a tight position. They will not always arrange overtime work, but they will communicate effectively with employees and win the support and support of employees.
Five. Leaders with many successful experiences
If your leader always boasts, "though I always experience setbacks and failures, I will never fail to fail. Next time I will succeed." Well, you need to know your leader well and see if he or she is having serious problems in matters and character, otherwise you will be hard to grow under his staff. I remember a psychologist who said that success is inertia. Leaders who have had many successful experiences always have their unique and mature secrets of success, and most of them are leaders who are strong in leadership and are the best example for subordinates to learn and imitate.
Six. A leader who knows how to take it out
Such leaders know that the competent department is not their own private territory, but rather refers to their employees as "community interests community", and regards employees' interests as the foundation of departmental survival. The Department will only become home staff happy, in order to ensure the sustainable development of the Department. When an employee reaches a certain level of cohesion, not only can win, and when the door meet difficulties, we can pull together in times of trouble, gongduonanguan.
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