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Security operations are inextricably linked. In a sense, security management is a process of discovering, analyzing and dealing with problems.
Although many security enterprises may have a set of relatively perfect management system and norms for the security sector, each company encounters many detailed problems in its daily operations. Therefore, as security personnel, they should adhere to the problem-oriented, learn to deal with problems, prevent and control dangers, make up for shortcomings, and can not "fail to" If there are problems, we will be disappointed. "
There are two levels of problem solving. One is to set guidelines for the development of enterprises, and to deal with problems continuously. The two is to control the stability of the current situation of the enterprise, so that it can not catch any trouble or handle problems.
Security operations first need to be good at finding problems and asking questions, which is the basis of management, as the giant physicist Heisenberg said: the right to ask questions, is equal to half of the problem.
Secondly, we should thoroughly analyze and discuss problems, and grasp the objective factors hidden behind the problems. In the end, we deal with problems and deal with problems in a timely manner. This is the center of problem solving.
Problem management requires security managers to go to the field, observe the facts, tell the truth, do the facts, with the problem to deal with, aiming at the problem to make decisions, for the problem to implement, and constantly improve the efficiency of management, so that see things and see people.
Problem management is conducive to fostering the pragmatic style of security managers, preventing the practice of simply executing leadership instructions and meeting spirit, as well as hypocritical style and benevolent tendencies.
Implementation of the problem management is also conducive to enterprise innovation and development, because no matter how the operating environment and operating conditions, security operations in the problem is endless, endless treatment, development is endless. Only by constantly finding problems and dealing with problems can we make continuous innovations.
How to find problems in security operation
The problem is reflected in the security operation management and service practice of each link, including the following aspects in detail:
一 要在单薄环节中找问题。单薄环节是安保作业中较简单出事端的环节,也是问题较多、对立较多的环节,对此安保司理们要心中有数。
First, we need to find problems in thin links. Thin links are the most simple link in the security operation, but also the most problematic, the most opposing link, security managers should be aware of this.
For example, security mall development, service quality issues, physical and defense equipment hardware aging, security personnel lost, staff safety awareness, competitors, the problem should be focused on.
Through problems, make the weak become stronger, and the security operation can be carried out. Otherwise, the "100-1=0" will have a great impact on the quality and efficiency of security operations.
二 要在成功面前找问题。如某个重要活动安保或技防项目完结得很好,或许有的职工就简单发生骄傲自满的心情,乃至放松对自身的要求,由此导致一些事端。
Two, look for problems before success. If a security or technical defense project for an important event is well completed, some employees may simply become proud and complacent, or even relax their demands, leading to some incidents.
Security managers should keep a clear head on this, recruit staff and workers to strengthen the summary, in-depth explore and deal with some thin and small problems.
三 要在要害部位找问题。安保司理要长于抓要害,包含要害的环节、要害的职工等。由于要害环节出了问题,往往会使整个安保企业或许部分形象受损。
Three, we need to find problems in key parts. Abu Jiri wants to be long for catching key, include key link, crucial worker. Due to problems in key links, the whole security enterprise may be damaged.
For example, in large-scale event security, where the most simple key link to the problem, to do on-the-spot investigation and risk assessment. If there is any special requirement for residence, line and vehicle in the operation of personal security, the corresponding organization should be done well in advance.
四 要在结合点上找问题。安保效劳进程环环相扣,有许多部分与部分之间或职工与职工之间的结合点。
Four, we need to find problems at the joint point. The process of security services is interlinked, and there are many parts and parts between the staff and workers.
Once there is a deviation in cooperation and coordination, the combination point is very simple. For example, assignment in shift, security and other parts of the problem of a certain activity to deal with, the Ministry of Human Resources Defense and the Ministry of Technology and Defense to consider the planning of the operation point of view and convergence issues.
Fifth, we must find problems in the implementation process. Sometimes the process of job execution is the process of problem processing. In security management, attention should be paid not only to the completion of the policy, but also to the problems existing in the program, organization, implementation, inspection, summary and other links. Each link should be solid, detailed and strictly required. Only in this way can the process of completing the policy be regarded as the process of dealing with the problem.
Six, we need to go to the scene to find problems. Security managers should not only listen to leadership organizations and staff reports in the office or conference room, but actually go to the security operation site and the customer service site, go more, see more, check more, ask more, chat more, carry out on-site management.
As long as the terminal is fully touched, the security manager can truly find out what practical problems exist in security management and services, and timely adopt targeted measures to deal with them.
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