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At that time, there were some problems in the civil air defense operation of the district security. First, the civil air defense forces of the district security were unstable and the loss of personnel was serious.
In recent years, with the development of science and technology level and the renewal of illegal means, more and more people begin to pay attention to and call for vigorous deployment of the proportion of technical prevention in security preparedness.
In order to reduce costs, many security companies pay attention to the updating of hardware and equipment in technical defense, and underestimate the importance of civil air defense. The salary level of security in residential areas has been low. Generally speaking, it is lower than that of national employees, and some of them even lag behind.
In many places, the social insurance of security guards has not been purchased, and some of their work and accommodation conditions are still relatively poor. Even if they are injured, the medical expenses are often unaccounted for, some of them serve customers as accommodation and board, and some of them even serve as accommodation, and the conditions are not good. Together, the social security of the security personnel that should be dealt with legally is also difficult to achieve.
The interests of security guards are difficult to guarantee, resulting in their incomes difficult to support their families, and the phenomenon of security guards changing posts is more serious. High service quality requirements and low salary form a contrast, and compared with other occupations, seriously affecting the stability of the army.
Two, the security forces in the district are weak, and the essence of personnel is not good.
In the air defense operation, the essence of human beings is the decisive factor. Because of frequent security movements and unstable troops in residential areas, the whole nature of the army is not high. Many security guards in residential areas have not undergone systematic study of political theory, laws and regulations and military exercises. Whether they are good manners, formations, etiquette exercises or grappling military techniques, they are simply "laymen". In addition, they are specialized in security. Industry knowledge, basic operating rules of security services and quality control standards are "blank"; and even embrace the concept of "one day's post, one day's money".
Some people are not clear about their operational responsibilities when they go to security posts, let alone do their best to carry out security operations. Some members of the security forces have outstanding operational hopes, but after inspection and investigation, suspects are found, and the experience and ability of security precautions are lacking.
There are also a small number of security guards during their posts, such as sleeping and defiling. Such negative incidents happened beside the security personnel in the residential area, seriously affecting the reputation of the property and the residential area, reducing the satisfaction of the owners to the security service industry, and severely restricting the healthy development of the security industry.
Three, the district security and civil air defense units are not standardized and not strict.
Because a small number of flights, unit leaders do not know the position and effect of the formation of security forces in place, the effect of the formation of security forces can not be well played, and the enthusiasm of the dispatch can not rise. The main manifestations are:
First, the reward and punishment mechanism of the security forces is not sound. In many residential districts, the method of assessing the security guard's work is entirely in the form of doing a good job or a bad job, which can not arouse their enthusiasm for work.
Two, the guarantee mechanism of the security forces is not sound. Regarding the security of residential quarters, the opposition between overload operation and low guarantee of practical treatment is one of the important reasons for the low enthusiasm for operation, unstable thinking and the inability to retain talents in this army.
Because of the high labor intensity and risk of security operations in residential areas, most of the time work is in the evening. The basic medical insurance and personal injury insurance for employees who are very important to security guards have not been paid. If there is an accident, their own interests will not be guaranteed.
Community security forces all serve quality and service level to strike social image. It can be said that the security service industry is launched at a low level. Lack of high-level talents, professional training and education leads to low salaries and poor social identity of security personnel, and enters the vicious circle of "low essence of talents", thus making the development of security service industry into a low-level strange circle.
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